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The Proultra® family includes the best in ultrasonic booster technology as well as products for general endodontics, endodontic retreatment, surgical endodontic procedures, general dentistry and now continuous ultrasonic irrigation with PiezoFlow™ needles.

Non-surgical ultrasonic tips designed by Dr. Cliff Ruddle, include the original ProUltra retreatment tips and the SINE® access refinement instruments. These multipurpose instruments are ideal for a variety of procedures from pulp stone removal to post retreatment.

The PiezoFlow system brings the benefits of ultrasonic energy to a continuous flow of irrigant. This research-driven irrigation method creates significantly cleaner canals, removing bacteria and biofilm, while contributing to long-term clinical outcomes.

Traditional techniques for surgical retreatment cases are replaced by the combination of ProUltra® Surgical Tips and ProRoot® MTA Root Canal Repair Material. An ultrasonic technique allows for a much more conservative preparation than is produced by traditional round burs. And ProRoot® MTA provides a biocompatible and hermetic seal of the root end – promoting biogenesis.

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